Intermission – Writing Ideas

I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I can. I’ve been quite busy with my other blogs as well as my other online work. We haven’t been traveling much too. Our last trip was in Cameron Highlands early this month and I guess we won’t be doing any travel for a few months.

To keep this blog updated, I would have to find some interesting places here in Hatyai and I would also have to browse through my old travel photos because I’m sure I’ve missed to post a lot of things from our past trips. And if still, you don’t find me updating much then it means, I must be experiencing ‘writer’s block’. Seriously, if you have a lot of blogs and a lot of writing tasks at hand, I’m sure this would be a common experience among all bloggers and writers alike.

Unlike us, students would have an easy way out as they can always ideas for a research papers. Like for example, they need to write a term paper on war, they can always ask help from other people and write about the Cuban missile crisis essay.

Anyways, why am I so off topic now? I better get some ‘writer’s rest’ first. :)

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