The Heat Is On

It’s almost summer time in Thailand. And as what my friend wrote in her status message in Facebook, ” the weather is already changing from Hot to Hotter”. Well, that is true. Summer time is the hottest season in Thailand and temperature could rise up to 40 degrees Celsius. I hope it won’t got higher than that because it will then be so uncomfortable for everyone. I can’t even imagine myself going out under the hot sun in the afternoon with the glaring sun. But one thing that I have to remind myself before the summer time begins, is to buy myself a nice pair of sunglasses. I’m fed up buying the very cheap, 59 Baht sunglasses because I end up getting nauseous with them. Hopefully, there will be cheap but very good quality sunglasses available at the malls either here in Malaysia or in Thailand.

And speaking of cheap but quality things, I know for a fact that Zenni eyeglasses are. They are known for their quality prescription glasses and even got great reviews from very satisfied customers. So, is it possible to get quality glasses at a very low cost? It is, with Zenni! Check them out!

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