Hatyai Ice Dome – Extended

The Hatyai Ice Dome exhibition has been extended until the 2nd of May this year! Our kids actually rejoiced when they learned about this. We actually wanted to go there last February 28 ( supposedly the last day) but when we went there the place was just so packed and there was a long queue of people waiting to go inside. So, we brought our kids to the mall instead.

The reason we want to go there is because we’ve been told that there are more displays and interesting things inside the dome now. We went during the first few days when the dome was opened so, the area was quite ‘unfinished’ at that time. That should have also explained why our tickets were cheaper compared to the present ticket price. Anyways, our kids truly enjoyed their time there and even call the Ice Dome as the ” Ice playpen” because of the ice slide and the fact that they could play with the ice.

Anyways, hope we can go back there again before the 2nd of May.

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