I Thought I Lost It!

There was pagerank update recently and one of my blog’s got a PR 2. It’s the only PR2 blog that I have and the rest have a ranking of 1. But this afternoon, I found out that the rank from my other blog has gone down to zero. I actually found it from a different site since I don’t have a google toolbar added in my browser. I panicked for awhile and I also checked other pagerank checkers but I was more confused since it still have a ranking of 2 in those checkers. So, I asked my friend if there was a recent update from Mr. G because it seemed that I just lost my rank. But she then confirmed to me that my rank is still the same and it hasn’t gone down to zero. Whew!

I know that all these ranking is not permanent but then, I still want to enjoy looking at my blog with a PR2 for a long time. This blog has had a PR 3 more than a year ago ( for 11 months) but lost it and is down to 1.

I’ve been blogging for more almost 3 years now and I would have to say that it has already been part of my life. Of course, there are always lazy times when I don’t feel like writing anything but then I can surely get back on my feet after awhile. So, far I already have 7 active blogs and 2 inactive ones and still counting (?) . LOL! Oh, writing this actually reminds me to get web hosting for one of my newer blogs so, I need to check some web hosting reviews to see where I can get a good deal.

That’s all about it for ranks and blogs and hopefully I can write a better and more travel relevant post next time. :)

One thought on “I Thought I Lost It!

  1. Google hates sponsored links like you've just done in this post so a good way of not losing your page rank would be to not do them.

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