I’m for Bro. Eddie

Another 20 days to go before the Philippine Elections will take place. Have we made our choice on who to vote for President?

I, for one support Bro. Eddie for Presidency. I can truly attest that this man is a man of wisdom, passion, integrity and most of all righteousness. We have followed his life for many years and have never heard of any stain or blemish in his integrity as a Pastor and leader of the JIL movement. We already have had all sort of presidents in the past. But what has happened to our country right now? Because of our past and current leader’s own greed and unrighteousness, our country has taken a downfall. Why? Because all those people whom we have casted our votes in the past don’t have that real fear of God and therefore can be easily persuaded by men with evil intent and can even be swayed on their own personal ambitions for the sake of the 90 million Filipino people.

I just hope and pray that we will have a better Philippines. A Philippines that will have that fear of God and only do good.. A Philippines that can really take care of the poor and unprivileged and make their lives better.. A Philippines that can be a haven for all the citizens both rich and poor. A Philippines that would no longer be looked down upon by other countries. A Philippines that will no longer be a laughing stock by being on the top list of the corrupt nation.. A Philippines that once again will rise above the others and contribute so much in the whole world.

Help us, God…

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