On School Days and Baseball

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The summer holidays here in Thailand are almost over. Next week will be the start of the school year and I’m sure a lot of children are already dreading the idea of going back to school. Gone are the days when they could just play outside in the sun. Gone are the days of daydreaming, being idle and just watching TV the whole morning. Gone are the days when they could enjoy attending their taekwondo classes, swimming lessons, football lessons and other sports.

Most of the Thai children are sports minded. Their favorite sports is football and you could see a lot of them playing in the fields. If baseball is introduced to them, I’m sure they will love it too. Though baseball is not very popular here. I still have to find a shop that sells Baseball Equipment . And even if there is such shop, I’m not sure if they have equipment intended for the children like smaller sized gloves, shoulder pads, helmets and bats. But with the internet technology now, we can always buy all these things online if they’re not available in our area.

Anyways, I just hope for the best for all those who are going back to school next week! Have fun in school!

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