Original Imitation

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Thailand has lots of inexpensive clothings, apparel,bags and accessories available almost everywhere. A lot of the shops here also has the ‘original imitation’ or imitated designer handbags, clothes and accessories. Famous brands such as the Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Salvatore , Ferragamo and others can be seen here. People nowadays are very brand conscious. The original brands indeed offer the best quality made items while the imitated ones are just after the ‘name’ and the money and gets easily broken.

Do you wonder why some brands are more famous than others even if their quality seem to be at par? Well, there’s actually a strategy behind that. It’s what they call the Branding Strategy. I’m not really sure how these brilliant folks from branding companies do it, but it has something to do with building up the brand name even before the marketing strategies take place. Hmm. and I thought that the success of a product only depends on the marketing strategies, but it seems that’s just another stage in the process.

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