The Other Side of Songkhla

We’ve been to Songkhla countless of times since it’s just very near to our place, Hatyai. But it was just about 2 weeks ago that I saw the ‘other side’ of Songkhla when we went to the Songkhla Aquarium – the other coastal area facing Koh Yo. It was my first time to be on that side and the more I’m convinced that Songkhla is indeed a beautiful place. There are a lot of things to see on that area with sculptures all around and beautifully decorated parks.

If it wasn’t too hot we could have lingered longer, had a picnic or just let the kids play around. But the heat was unbearably scorching so, we just had to be in the car and looked at the beautiful scenery. We’ll surely be back to that side of Songkhla again.

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