The World of Chiles and Spices

Thailand is not just a land of smile but I would have to say the land of spice. It’s only here in Thailand where I tasted dishes ranging from mild spicy, medium spicy and super spicy. They put so much of different kinds of spices and seasoning in their dishes. Coming from a place where only the brave can eat spicy food, Thai dishes gave me a shock during my first trip here. But as time passed by, I got accustomed to Thai spicy food and was able to appreciate it more. I also have some spicy craving now where I need to eat some spicy dish every week. My favorite spicy food are Tom Yum, Phad Kra Pao Kai ( spicy chicken in basil leaves) and Phat Keen kiaw wan kai ( spicy green curry chicken). Now, I can say that I love Thai food, I love spicy food!!

And speaking of spicy food, I’d like to introduce you to Pendery’s, the World of Chiles and Spices! Here you will be able to explore the different variety of chiles and spices including the new mexico green chile. They don’t just have chiles and spices but also a variety of sauces, salsa, gourmet food, Mexican and southwestern cooking.

So, you want to spice up your life? Then visit Pendery’s now!

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