Universal Studios Singapore

We did our monthly groceries at Carrefour today. After the check out counter we were given a several raffle tickets to be filled up and dropped at the drop box at the entrance. We were surprised that one of the prizes is a family trip to the Universal Studios in Singapore. Then, I remembered of reading the news about the upcoming Univeral Studios in Singapore and now it’s already opened. Wow! I couldn’t help but hope that we would be one of the winners of the trip. I’m sure our kids will love it just as how they enjoyed Hong Kong Disneyland. But even if we don’t win the raffle, Singapore is not too far away from Thailand. Maybe we could save up for another family holiday? Hmm.. maybe, I don’t have to think about that now yet. We’re still drained from our past travels and trying to recover financially. :)

Image taken from rwsentosa.com

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