Cruise and Dream Vacation

I remember my sister and bro in law’s plan to go on a cruise ship on one of their wedding anniversary. It didn’t push through though but they just went to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for their holiday.

Then, about two months ago, we saw the cruise ship in Penang which they were supposed to take. My Hubby and I were impressed with the sheer size of the ship and we were already imagining the luxury of being in a cruise ship. The ship’s route is from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. So, we also decided that we will plan and save up to go on a cruise ship on our 15th wedding anniversary. We’re not sure though if we take the same cruise ship since we’ve already been to those countries. Well, that’s 7 years from now so, we really don’t have to think about it much now nor start saving for it. Maybe there will be better ships and better routes by then.

Anyways, for those who want a more luxurious cruise vacation, princess cruise vacations and royal Caribbean vacations are for you. You can experience luxury and pure relaxation in these types of vacations in which you will be taken to different countries.

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