Oh, I’ve been daydreaming again. You see, I’ve joined this contest a few days ago and its grand prize is a trip to one of the busiest cities in the world. And I’m looking forward for the 9th of May as they will be announcing the winners.

Before, I wasn’t very hopeful when joining any contests, but after winning a few contests myself, I realized that every participant is indeed a potential winner. For sure you’ll know if we win the contest because I won’t be able to help it but shout it out.

Anyways, maybe my day dreaming just means that I’ve been idle for these days. LOL! I better do some of productive work now like sorting out some things in the house. We will be having a house guest next week and I do need a place to store some of the boxes and stuff from the guest room. I just wish that we would have some Self Storage Facility here just like what they have in the US. Our house now doesn’t have a store room so it’s a challenge in finding a place to keep our extra things. Or maybe,I just really need to sort our things out again; give away or throw the things we don’t need and only keep the things which are important for us.

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