Music and Me

I love listening to music, particularly, contemporary Christian music. Many people can attest that music can help lighten up your mood and let’s you get through the day. My favorite Christian music stregthens my faith and gives me hope for the future.

Here is a sample of one of my favorite songs.

It’ll be nice if our car has auto audio electronics so, I can bring my favorite music anywhere we go. But then, our stereo is spoiled so, we make do with our daughter’s made up songs. :)

Anyways, we do plan to put up a sound system for our car as well as get telephony equipment supplier and video equipment supplies. We just saw some cheap supplies in the city and I hope they are of good quality too. We’ve bought a very cheap CD player for our car before but it only lasted for a few months. Tskk..tskk.. So, now we have to make sure that we buy cheap stuff but of good quality too. I’ve heard there are a few sites online that offers good quality supplies for a very reasonable price. I got to check on those sites too. If you find any, please let me know too.

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