Road Trips

Road Trips. Sometimes I love them and sometimes I don’t. My love for road trips actually depends on my kids’ mood. If they’re happy and not cranky, then road trips are truly great and relaxing. But if they are very grumpy and uneasy, then I would always want to reach our destinations faster.

I also love it when our kids are asleep during our road trips. It’s a time to ‘breathe’ and enjoy the beautiful scenery around. It’s also a time to have long chats with the driver- my Hubby. And when our kids are at ease, it’s also a time for us to play games and have our own family bonding.

I can’t count how many times we’ve travel by land from Thailand to Malaysia and around Malaysia and Thailand. It would be nice to travel by Ford mustang with ford mustang accessories. But, I’m already happy with our cool green car. It was a gift for us and we’ve truly been blessed with its faithful service to our family. I think our car is already more than 15 years now and so far we haven’t had major problems yet. We just had some minor repairs and future repainting to be done.

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