Travel Documents, Contracts and the Like

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Since we’re a crosscultural marriage living on a country not our own. We do keep our travel documents, marriage contracts and children’s birth certificate secure. Losing these would indeed be of great inconvenience to us since we have to travel to a different country to get a replacement. It quite funny though that our documents are very ‘colorful’. I mean, they come from different places and countries. Just for example, my daughter’s orginal birth certificate is from Philippines while my son’s original document is from Thailand and everything on it is written on Thai script!

Anyways, I did found an online site called iSigned – secure online storage for legal and other important documents . This site is indeed great news for individuals, business people and legal professionals who has a lot of important documents in which they need to store, organize and share with other people. With the mere thought of knowing that your important documents are safe and secure can give you peace of mind and thus reduce stress.

So, if you want to try out this service, you can always get a free trail account first. And if you find their service very helpful, you can sign get unlimited storage for a monthly fee of $ 7.95. Business users have additional features in their site such as fine-grained user permission controls and detailed reporting for $14.95 a month.


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