Airline Lawsuit

A few days ago, I’ve just heard of someone suing an airline for damaging her eardrums due to a screaming toddler in the aircraft. That person didn’t sue the parents of the baby ( thank God!) but only the airline. I’m not so sure too whether that’s fair for the airline since that’s not under their control and I’m sure it’s not the toddlers fault. I mean, maybe the toddler is just super uneasy during the flight.

Anyways, I don’t know how the lawsuit is going to progress but there are a lot of lawsuits that are happening at this moment. Some lawsuits are logical and legitimate but some seems just funny. But I guess the TransUnion Lawsuit is a serious one since it involves illegal selling of confidential information of the clients to other marketing companies. Now, that’s really bad. If you applied for credit in the US from 1987- 2000, then you might be legible to make claims. You better check it out.

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