One Tambon One Product. That’s what OTOP stands for. This is actually the Thai Government’s project in which they give an initial amount of money ( 1 million Baht) for each Tambon or Sub District in which the people in that district will come up with their own special product and it becomes their business.

We’ve just been to one of the OTOP Fairs the other week near Carrefour and we were amazed at such creativity of each Tambon to come up with their own distinct products. They were those who sold delicious Thai delicacies, Thai handicraft products, clothes, decorative stuffs among other things. I like how they use mounts and beautifully designed banners to advertise their products. We met vendors who came as far as the North East to sell their products.

This is indeed a great program from the government that can help the people especially those belonging to the small and outskirts districts.

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