The Cruise Ship-like Hotel

On our way to Krabi the other month, we found this Cruise ship-like hotel along the highway to Trang. It’s the Grand MP Resort Hotel. The hotel design is really intriguing as it’s huge and very ship-like. When we wanted to go in and check the interiors, we found out that it’s still under renovation and it will only open in October this year. I wonder if the interior is also designed like a ship’s interior. I even jokingly told my Hubby that maybe some guests would feel seasick once they enter the hotel. Anyways, I hope we get a chance to see this hotel once it’s back in business. I’m sure with outdoor lights, spot lights and discount landscape lighting this building will stand out at night and can be one of the main attractions in the city.

One thought on “The Cruise Ship-like Hotel

  1. I would agree, this is one of kind. I can only guess that the owner of this hotel likes to sail, and one pretty bold move by the owner to design his hotel into a ship.

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