To Songkhla Zoo We Go!

We’re taking the kids to the Songkhla Zoo this Monday. The kids are really excited and so I am. We’ve actually been to this zoo a few times already and I’m just excited to see the expression of the kids faces whenever they see their favorite animals right before their eyes.

The Songkhla Zoo covers 878 acres of land and is home to hundreds of different types of birds and animals. They also have Seal Shows and Tiger feeding exhibitions at certain times.

Zoo admission fees are quite affordable. They charge 50 pesos for Thai adults and 10 Baht for Thai children while 100 Baht for adult foreigners and 50 Baht for foreign children. There’s also a charge for every transportation that enters, 60 Baht for buses, 50 Baht for cars and 10 Baht for motorcycles.

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