Yummy Sunday- Pasta Galore

Last week, Hubby and I had a Sunday Buffet Brunch in one of the restaurants here in the city. The restuarant offered a wide variety of dishes but the different types of pasta and sauces caught my attention.

This is my first time to see and taste a black fettucine and it’s not bad at all. The different type of sauces were also delicious. The pasta was so filling that It didn’t leave much room for me to eat anything else.

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6 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday- Pasta Galore

  1. I still haven't tried the black pasta… but I think I may use that when I cook carbonara – just to create contrast in colors.

    By the way, the pasta platter looks great, I hope there will be a pasta buffet here, too.

    My Yummy Sunday food is now served HERE.

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