Good As New

Over the years, we have accumulated quite a lot of silver jewelry, some were given by my sister while the others were bought from our supplier. But it has also been quite sometime since I cleaned those jewelries so, most of them have grown dark and unattractive.

And since I remember that our friend from the silver shop gave us free bottles of silver cleaner. I thought of cleaning them all. The process is quite easy, the silver just needed to be soaked in the chemical for about 10-15 minutes and then, throw the liquid away and replace it with clean water with shampoo and wash the pieces with it. Rinse. And the silver will look like new!

I think this is one of the advantages of buying real silver and not the ‘imitation’ ones because you can always clean them and make them look like brand new. As for the imitation pieces, ones they’re black and faded, you don’t have a choice but throw them away. The same thing with buying real gold jewelry, though they are quite expensive, but they will never wear off nor fade. They also get more valuable overtime. That’s why more people prefer to invest in gold in the form of jewelries, gold bar or ingots.

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