One Cute Motorcycle

My two and a half year old boy with a cute motorcycle on his background.

Look at the motorcycle above. It’s so cute that even an 8 year old can ride on it. We actually just saw this motorcycle in one of the shops in the city. Both my son and I got attracted to it immediately after seeing it. My son is only 2 and a half years old and he loves cars and motorcycles. When he saw this, he wanted to ride on it. He must have thought that it’s just a toy motorcycle. I was also tempted to let him sit on it and try it out but the owner is nowhere to be seen so, we didn’t have anyone to ask permission.

I wonder if my son will like motorcycles more than cars when he grows up. But I guess boys will be boys, and he would like all kinds of transportation or anything that moves fast. I’m sure he will also grow up learning all about motorcycles, cars and even their parts, accessories like air intake systems, clutch and etc. Most of those people who know how to drive somehow automatically knows all the basic parts and accessories of any motorcycles or cars.

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