PSU Agro Fair 2

We’ve been to the PSU Agro Fair last Sunday and we had a great time. The exhibition area was so huge that our feet hurt from walking around and we didn’t even get to tour the entire place yet.

There’s a lot of things to be found in the agro fair from food, plants, animals, clothing, cars, and accessories like rain guards and etc. My favorite section of all is the “Food section’ where you get to sample all the different kinds of food and delicacies at a very reasonable price. There’s no doubt that the kids favorite booths are those selling all kinds of pets. The kids really fell in love with the cute rabbits with clothes and even begged us to buy for them. But I guess my kids aren’t ready to take care of rabbits yet. I’m afraid the rabbits will just suffer under their ‘care’ as they can’t resist to squeeze them. :)

Anyways, the PSU Agro fair is open until the 22nd of this month. Hopefully we can go there again this weekend and go to the portions we haven’t seen yet. I just hope that it won’t rain when we go there because the fair ground is just a it open space.

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