The Thai Diet

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As I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts, not many Thai women are heavy. Most of the ladies I see are slim and petite, especially the younger generation.

For one, they are very conscious with their appearance and figure that you can see all the diet supplements, diet teas and etc. everywhere. Every six o’clock in the evening, there will also be mass aerobic exercises at the parks and open spaces.

But what does a typical diet consist of, I wonder? Here are a few principle one can learn from them.

1) They eat a lot of raw vegetables. If you go to a typical Thai restaurant, they would serve you raw vegetables first while waiting for your meal. This will include raw string beans and other kinds of leaves you thought won’t be edible.

2) They drink green tea. Everywhere you can see green tea. I have a favorite one and that’s the Oishi Green tea.

3) They eat spicy food. I’ve read that some studies have shown that spicy food may very well improve the body’s capacity to burn calories.

4) They eat a lot of fruits. You can see a variety of fruits here in Thailand and can see them being sold everywhere.

5) They share dishes and eat in small portions. I sometimes wondered, why the Thais are not fat when there are food vendors everywhere and it seems that they are also filled with people buying from them. I’ve learned that Thai’s traditionally share from dishes in the center of the table. It is considered rude to place in your own dish much more than 2 or 3 bites of a dish at one time.

So, these are a few things I’ve observed in a Thai diet. If only I could apply on my own diet, since this is like one of the good weight loss diets available.

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