Ton Nga Chang Water Falls

We always forget to bring our visitors to the place ‘ Ton Nga Chang Waterfalls’. Maybe it’s because the location is a bit far from the town center or maybe it’s because we don’t find this place ‘child friendly’. Yes, with all the big rocks and slippery steps at times, it’s not always safe to bring the li’l ones here.

But anyways, we are planning to bring our brother’s family to this spot before they leave. This waterfalls actually has 7 levels with the 7th level high on top. I haven’t been there yet and I heard that you have to walk a bit further and climb some more rocks. The climb must be a bit rigorous that it’s would be like running treadmills for me. Anyways with our kids and brother’s family, I guess we will just have to settle in going to the first two levels of the falls.

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