Travel Safe

Last year, we’ve travel as a family quite a lot. Traveling is truly fun but it can also be stressful. I feel a bit more stressed at the airport, during the check-in process up to the immigration both in and out the country. I guess, this ‘stress’ has something to do with my past experiences with very strict immigration officers. Another stress for me, is looking after all our important documents and making sure they’re safe. I remember 2 years ago that I lost 200$ from my pocket. I know I have been quite careless but I had to forgive myself since I was alone traveling with my kids at that time.

If I should have known better I should have had an RFID wallet to keep my money from getting lost. I’ve also heard about Pacsafe and the RFID Blocking Passport Holder. With all these, we are sure to travel very safe, indeed.

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