Western Union


The Western Union Money Collect and Quick Transfer Service branches are now sprouting like mushrooms. In the Philippines, you will find branches even in many remote villages. I guess this business has grown with the popularity of the internet.

Just this afternoon, I went to one of the Western Union branches to collect money in behalf of a friend, and I was amazed by the speed and convenience of it. I’m sure this is also a great way to send money through travellers as only a passport and the MICN number is needed. Anyways, after collecting our friend’s money, the clerk in charge told me about their promo which entitles you to win thousands and thousands worth of jewelry. It’s quite an easy contest as you just have to send your MICN number through SMS. It will be nice if I get to win those gold jewelry. I’m not really a fan of gold jewelry as I like to wear silver jewelries better. But those gold can be a could form of investment just as how many investors are buying gold coins.

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