Balikbayan Box

I’ve always been wondering whether Thailand or Malaysia has this courier who ships Balikbayan boxes. Balikbayan boxes are actually packages that doesn’t go by air freight but by sea. It’s a cheaper way to send packages through the boxes since it also doesn’t go by weight but by size. So, you can squeeze in as much as heavy things you want in the box as long as it everything fits there. The only disadvantage for this is that it’ll take months before the packages can arrive. But if the goods are not that urgent, time won’t really be that important. Anyways, why have I thought about this just now? It’s because I saw the site about Self Storage Battersea Lombard and thought that for those who are going back home, they won’t need self storage units and can just bring their things straight back home. And also, this kind of shipment will also be good if we want to send things for family or goods for business.

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