Change Oil

My Hubby just told me that it’s time to change the oil for our car. Our car has actually been used quite a lot these days. We use it to travel to one of the provinces to teach. The province is an hour and a half trip from our city. And this week, we travel with it almost everyday. And apart from that, this year, we’ve also used the car a lot to travel to and fro Malaysia.

Thank God that even if our car is already quite old, but it can still travel long distances. One thing that my Hubby does is that he makes sure that we maintain our car very well. Car maintenance might cost some money but it does save you a lot of headache and money in the future. So, that’s why it’s good to have the car regularly checked. I’m not sure though whether our air filter is in a good condition. But I think we need to have our aircon checked as I noticed that not much cool air is coming out anymore whenever we use it for more than an hour. I guess it needs more freon gas. Anyways, we will have to have that checked too.

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