Fresh Water Pearls

I don’t know how to identify real pearls from the synthetic ones unless I look up the price. The other day, we went to the jewelry in one of the malls here and I saw some real fresh water pearls. They look so shiny and perfect too. They were actually on sale but I didn’t buy any since I’m not so fond of wearing pearls. I still prefer to wear silver jewelry since I think it fits my personality more. I have a couple of gold jewelry but I only wear them when I wear the Indian Saree since this dress is best suited with gold. I remember seeing indian women wear elegant sarees with a lot of heavy gold jewelries. If they melt all those jewelries, I think they would be enough to make a gold bullion.

Anyways, if you’re interested to buy jewelries, the Jewelry Fair in Carrefour, Hat Yai is still going on.

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