Peak Season

December is the peak travel season here in Thailand. So, if you plan to travel to the islands in December, you better start making your bookings now or else there won’t be any more hotel rooms available for you.

I just talked to one of our friends who work in a hotel in one of the islands last week and she told me that their rooms are already 80% booked at this time. My brother’s friend who also wanted to stay in the same island tried to book for their holiday in December but it seems they didn’t get a room in their desired hotel. It’s really important to book at the hotel of your choice as to have a satisfying holiday. Once you do this, you can still have a chance to check whether the hotel offers the amenities you like or even whether their hot tub has hot tub cover. It’s different if you go on a holiday and book at the last hotel room available because I’m sure you will be in with a lot of disappointments.

And since its the peak season, expect the rates to be higher at this time of the year too.

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