Tea Please!


My li’l girl loves tea! She actually got it from her father who loves tea. Generally, I think , most of the Malaysian’s love tea. They’ve been under the British for quite some time so, that must have influenced them a lot. For the meantime, Philippines has been colonized by the Americans so, coffee is quite more common than the tea.

I, for one has not been fond of drinking tea, apart from a short period of time during my university years when I was drinking an herbal slimming tea. LOL! But now, I’ve already acquired the taste for tea and would be gladly sit and chat with a cup of milk tea. But coffee would still remain my first love. So, I do drink a cup or two every day.

And back to the ‘tea’. If you’re looking for a gift idea for the tea lovers this Christmas, one good gift idea would be to give them Christmas tea gift set . I’ve just browsed through a site that sells all these beautiful tea sets in a basket. Wouldn’t it be lovely for our friends to sit and have a cup of Christmas tea during the holidays. Well, that’s a splendid idea, indeed!

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