Additional Baggage, Travel Insurance and Etc.

The beauty of budget airlines- you get to fly anywhere in the world for a cheaper price compared to a national airline. Budget airlines claims to have no frills flight and true indeed, their flights are straight to the point without the extra services that you don’t need anyway but comes with a big price.

But then, it’s surprising how booking to a budget airline is becoming more complicated. Before, booking can take a few minutes of your time without you having to answer questions such us, wanting to pick your seats, additional baggage, special baggage, travel insurance, food or even asking if you want to donate for some wildlife cause. But even if I may sound like I’m complaining, I’m still thankful for these budget airlines, through this we’ve been able to fly to many countries which we wouldn’t have thought it possible for us to go.

And by the way, do you buy travel insurance for your flights? I’m always tempted to pass on this one so, I can save a few dollars but then there will always be this thought that a few dollars won’t matter if it can save a lot of hassles and money in case of emergencies. So, at the end I still get to buy the insurance. And speaking of insurance, there is this service that can assist you get your disability insurance. They call this as the Medicare part D plan . You better check this out.

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