Change of Location

Our team was planning for a retreat at the end of the year. And since some of our past students work in one resort hotels on the island, we inquired of the rates and availability of rooms during our retreat date. We were surprised to know that only 1 bungalow house that can accommodate 3 people is available on the said dates. That means that as early as the month of October, most of the rooms are already booked in that resort hotel. Tsk. Tsk.Tsk. Their hotel is actually very beautiful and I was already dreaming of spending an afternoon near the beach.

Anyways, we found another hotel which is no longer on the island but is just near our city. It’s quite a good hotel with a bath tub, bathroom vanities and all the other amenities. Though the beach is not as beautiful as the one on the island but still I’m thankful for the opportunity for us to be able to stay in a hotel and to have a team retreat.

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