Free Hotel Stay

Yippee! I won another contest. My contest prize will entitle us to stay for nights in a hotel in Bangkok. We’re not sure yet whether we can claim this prize but just the thought itself of winning a contest already makes me happy. But of course, it will be nice if we could get to stay in the hotel for free too. Last year, my Hubby also won a contest with a prize of free air tickets to Jakarta and a night hotel stay, but sadly we were not able to claim the prize. It would have been nice to see Jakarta and stay in a 5 star hotel.

I just love to stay in hotels. I love the experience of sleeping in nicely designed rooms. It is actually my dream to design our master’s guestroom like that of a hotel’s but then, this dream hasn’t been realized yet since we would need some kind of a budget. But it’s good to know that a lot of furniture and furnishings are on sale. Like the Web Blinds roller blinds for sale . Then, maybe if we have a hotel-like master’s bedroom, I won’t be too excited of winning free hotel stays anymore. :)

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