I Won But Maybe Not


I’ve posted earlier this month about winning a free 2night- hotel stay in one of the online contests. They emailed ( a general email) to announce the winners of the said contest and provided an email address to contact for the winners. I immediately wrote them and waited for a few days for their reply. In my experience, sponsors or contest hosts usually reply to emails immediately and give some kind of a procedure on how to claim the prizes. But several days passed and still no reply from them. I resent the email again after a week, thinking that maybe they didn’t receive my 1st email. But it has been more than a week now since my 2nd email and still no reply.

Just this evening I’m sending them a 3rd email. If I don’t receive any reply, then I guess I will have to conclude that the contest is a scam and maybe they just ‘use’ it as one of the means for them to gain traffic in the site.

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