Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

I’m kinda stingy person, a few dollars mean a lot to me. So, when the time came when travel insurance for budget airlines became an option, I didn’t take that option and proceeded with my flight without any travel insurance. Thankfully, there weren’t any incidents that took place during our past travels. But since I read the terms and coverage for the airline’s travel insurance like insurance for baggage, delayed or canceled flights and etc. I was already having second thoughts of taking the travel insurance. What if something would happen and we lose our baggage or our flights get canceled? What would happen if we’re not insured? Then, I also read some articles and posts on how the travel insurance helped them in their flight inconveniences like flight cancellations or delays. Since then, I take the travel insurance in every flight. I just remind myself that it’s only a few dollars but could save me a lot of hassles or money in case anything happens.

So, I guess this goes the same thing for any kind of insurances may it be whole life insurance or medical insurance, it sure takes a bit of our money but then we will surely reap the benefits in the future.

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