Next Month

Finally its already October, it means that it’ll only be another month before my Mom, sis’ family and friends are coming over. I haven’t written my pasalubong list yet, but I will surely start in listing them down in a few days time. I just hope that they won’t be bringing a lot of clothes so that there will be enough space/weight for all my ‘pasalubong’. :) If not, they might have to pay for excess baggage. I will have to remind them to check the final weight of their bags using the luggage scales before checking in the airport so, to avoid extra charges.

Some of them who are coming are also first time travelers so, it’ll be good to orient them too so as to avoid future hassles. If they are bringing some valuables with them, it’ll be good to use tsa locks so their belongings will be safe. Yes, I’ve heard from some of my friends that they lost some valuables and even just simple things like shampoos and chocolates from the bags they checked in. Yeah, sad but it’s true, You can’t trust any country or any airports to really take good care of your things.

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