Not Tempted by Promo Flights?

Just last week, I was checking my Twitter when I saw one of the budget airline’s shout out of the start of their air fare promo. I didn’t know anything about this promotion beforehand so, I was so surprised of the announcement. And I was just a minute away from the start of the promotions. So, I hurriedly visited the site to check the promo flights. And indeed the flights for next year were so cheap. It was more than 50% off and for a family of four that’s indeed great savings.

I was kinda tempted with the cheap offers and was already trying to plan for a family vacation for next year. But then, I remembered I just used the credit card to book our tickets for my trip with my mom for next month. If I book tickets for our family next year, even if they might be cheap but we might struggle with our finances for the following month or end up getting a faxless payday loan. So, I shun of the idea of booking the tickets but of course I didn’t shun off our vacation plans since we were really planning to go to the Philippines next year. But then, there will still be more promo fares for sure.

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