Plan 2011

There are a lot of promo fares going on now. As I saw from my cousin’s blog, Airphil and Cebu Pacific are having seat sale. Then, just the other night, I saw Air Asia was having this 1RM sale too. Hmm.. seat sales are really very tempting especially if the total fare price really becomes very low. But then, we don’t have any travel plans for next year except maybe at the end of the year in which we plan to spend Christmas in the Philippines.

But out of curiosity, I checked on Airasia’s 1RM sale but was disappointed to know that the site is just too full and I get the ‘Bzzz.. Busy’ status instead. Oh, well at least I wasn’t serious in getting their promotions, but I wonder how the other would have felt if, they were already so excited to book their tickets but can’t continue their transaction.

Anyways, I know there will be more air fare promotions for next year. And our planned trip is still more than a year ahead so I don’t really have to worry much about this yet. :)

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