Stricter Immigrations?

We’ve heard from a reliable source that the Thai/Malaysian immigration in the Sadao or Padangbasar border seems to be stricter in letter Filipinos enter or exit the borders. He said that it has already been 2 weeks since he noticed that Filipinos have been denied entering the countries.

And true enough, yesterday we got a call from our friend who’s stuck at the border as they accompanied their Filipino friends in doing the 15 days border run. I guess the immigration is stricter for those with tourist visas since we just made a border run last week ( with our multiple entry visa) and didn’t encounter any problems.

I wonder why they are stricter on Filipinos now, is it because of the escalating numbers of Filipino drug mules. I actually just knew about this problem when I was reading the Philippine news and was so saddened that more and more Filipinos are falling into the trap ( willingly or unwillingly) to become drug mules. Tsk..tsk..tsk..

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