The Beach Movie

This is one of the movies that I’ve watched in which I was so captivated by the scenery and not so much of the storyline (in which I can’t remember much what it was about). Little did I know that I would be able to see the same beauty and scenery a couple of years later. I haven’t been to Koh Phi Phi Lee where the movie was shot but we’ve been to one of the islands near Phuket where I believe the scenery is as captivating as Koh Phi Phi.

Anyways, my friends and I are planning to go to another island next year and we’re jokingly challenging ourselves to wear a bikini during that island escapade. Well, I’m not up for the challenge since I’ve never wore a bikini all my life. :) And to attain that bikini ready body, I might end up taking diet pills and experience the side effects of diet pills. So, I guess I’m contented to wear a more conservative swimwear. hehehe!

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