The Bee Hive

Last year, when we stayed in my Hubby’s hometown in Taiping, our neighbor saw a bee hive on the tree near our house. We didn’t notice that before but our neighbor noticed because it seems he is after the bee hive. He actually wanted it because he said, it’s good for herbal medicine. But when he brought the bee hive into our attention, we already got scared since the kids always play outside the house. So, Hubby called the Fire Department and after half an hour a man came to check the area. I was impressed that they came so fast. He then scheduled to come that evening and asked us to be far from the house and leave all the doors and windows closed.

And true enough, that evening they came with their gadgets and torched the beehive. They did a very good job and we didn’t have to pay anything for that since they work for the government. But since Hubby knew one of the men, he also gave a little tip for them.

It’s nice how the government in Malaysia can provide these seemingly small services to the people, but they’re also important since it’s for the safety of the residents. I’m not sure how it works in other countries, but in the US, I’ve heard that Houston pest control does a very good job in exterminating all these pests.

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