Total Recall

I’ve got this news alert about the Depuy hip recall. Depuy Orthopedics is owned by Johnson and Johnson. And August this year, they announced the recall of 93,000 hip replacement systems. It has been reported that several people who used their product has been experiencing terrible pain and swelling. As a result of the faulty product, a second hip replacement surgery has been deemed as necessary. I could just imagine that a lot of these patients have truly suffered and have higher costs due to a second surgery. I’m sure a lot of them are already claiming for liabilities from the company just like the Accutane lawsuit.

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2 thoughts on “Total Recall

  1. I’ve read many posts on this Johnson & Johnson hip replacement recall and I personally think it’s a very sad episode. A hip replacement failure can mean serious injuries for the patient, aside from the revision surgery that the patient will very likely face. Patients should attempt to be very watchful for certain signs that their hip replacement device is failing. For example, swelling of the hip area, popping or clicking, pain on a regular or chronic basis, loosening or implant dislocation, and even fractures are all fairly good signs that the device is about to fail or has failed. It’s good to know that a new registry is now set up to track problems with hip and knee implants across the United States in light of the recent 90,000 recall cases from Johnson&Johnson.

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