Traveling During Pregnancy

I traveled a lot during my first pregnancy. During my 1st trimester, we rode the train going to Taiping, then on my 7 1/2 month we rode the bus to Kuala Lumpur and then rode the plane from Kuala Lumpur to Cebu and boarded the ship to my hometown.

Of course, I did all this with my Doctor’s consent. She didn’t find any problems with my pregnancy since I was healthy and was religiously taking my prenatal vitamins and so, gave me a go signal to travel. But before her decision, we also had to check the airlines whether they will allow pregnant women in their 3rd trimester to board the plane. If I remember right, the airlines allow until the 9th month of pregnancy but with the Doctor’s certification. So, we asked a letter of certification from my Doctor before we flew to the Philippines.

But surprisingly, the airline staff didn’t asked for the certification when I boarded the plane. Maybe they were too busy to notice my bulging tummy when I came in. But then, in Cebu when we were about to go up and board the ship, one of the crew stopped me halfway and asked for my Doctor’s letter. So, I confidently showed him my letter and he was quite satisfied that I have it. He then told me that they just refused another pregnant woman to board the ship because she didn’t have her Doctor’s certification with her. Whew! And I thought only the airlines needed the certification.

So, when you’re traveling during your 3rd trimester, make sure you have your Doctor’s consent and certification because you’ll never know when you’ll need them.

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