VN Trip

Our trip to Vietnam is almost near. I haven’t booked our domestic flights yet since I’m not so sure yet whether we will be flying to Bangkok or taking the bus or train. We will be flying to Vietnam from Bangkok.

I haven’t started planning about our Bangkok trip yet because I’m also waiting for my Sis family and friends’ decision on their mode of transportation to Bangkok since we will be traveling together. They will go to Bangkok to fly to the Philippines while we fly to Vietnam. Their flight is at 12midnight on November 27 while ours is at 6:00 Am ( the same day). Another question would be, whether we have to stay at a hotel for a night or just sleep at the airport. It won’t be much of a problem for me to be sleepless for a night but then I will be traveling with my 5 year old daughter and Mom so I’m not so sure whether they can take the stress of being sleepless and tired.

Oh, I better know the other group’s decision now. This way, I can start planning and do some budgeting. I want to be prepared so, I won’t end up getting a payday loan. One advantage to travel at the end of the month is that it’s near the payday so, there’s still some money for emergencies.

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