World’s Most Expensive Toilet

I was googling for the World’s Most Expensive Bathroom when I came across the world’s most expensive golden toilet that is found in Hong Kong. I didn’t know that a real golden toilet really existed. The entire washroom is made of pure gold, solid gold toilet, gold dust bin, gold wash basin and gold toilet paper dispenser. It has been said that 380 kgs. of pure gold and 6,200 gemstones were used for this golden washroom. In 2001, it cost HK $38 million and is now worth HK $80 million!! Wow! The toilet’s cost is more than enough to build a few mansions.

If I should have known earlier about this, we could have visited this and included it as one of our itinerary during our trip to Hong Kong trip last year. I don’t know for sure whether this golden toilet is open for public display. Or is this toilet being used at all?

Anyways, back to my search on the world’s most expensive bathroom. The cost for a bathroom really doesn’t matter much as long as the bathroom serves its purpose and provides comfort for the user. I found a site called better bathrooms and I found their products very functional yet nicely designed.

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