Yummy Sunday – Dory Steak

Dory Steak at Santa Fe Restaurant

I can still remember the expression from my daughter’s face when I asked her if she remembers Dory from Nemo and told her that we’re going to eat her for dinner that night. Oh, I was just trying to make a joke but that turned out to be a bit cruel because she knows Dory as a cartoon character and not as a dinner.

Anyways, that’s my Yummy Sunday entry for this week and it did turn out that my daughter likes the Dory Steak especially if its dipped in mayonnaise.

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6 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday – Dory Steak

  1. We had one Dory Fish Steak topped with mayo-mix dip…ohhhh….what a dinner blast, down with four seasons drink! Visit my entry for another recipe twist today! More yummy recipe exchange!

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