Are Vitamins and Medicine Cheaper in Thailand?

My family has noticed it. Vitamins and medicines seem to be cheaper here in Thailand than in the Philippines or Vietnam.

My sis in law just actually asked me to buy some bottles of Blackmores vitamins for me to bring in Vietnam. It seems those vitamins are expensive in Vietnam. My sis on the other hand was so surprised to only pay 45 Baht for a whole sheet of tablets ( 10 pieces) of the medicine she bought. She said that a tablet of that costs almost 30 pesos ( 20 Baht) in the Philippines. So, with only around 60 Pesos she get’s a whole sheet or 10 tablets of the medicine!

I know these are just a few examples. I would like to do a bit more research and compare more vitamins and products to see whether Thailand has cheaper medicine or not.

For the meantime, let me check on and see the price of their acne creams too.

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