Hanoi at the End of the Month


Suddenly, time flew so fast! It’ll only be another 3 weeks before my mom, my daughter and I will be flying to Hanoi. Just last night, I was browsing through my friend’s photos of her Hanoi trip in her Facebook and I can’t help but get excited. It must be because her photos were beautifully captured by her DSLR but I also find the place very interesting. I can’t wait to experience the adrenaline of being in a different place and different culture again.

I need to start reading about the place, so I will be able to know some basic stuff. So far, I only know as the Old Quarters as one of the ‘must go’ places. This must be one of their popular destination for shopping. I would love to get some small souvenirs. It’ll be tempting to get some big wall paintings or some local stuff but I’m sure they’ll be too big for us to bring home plus expensive too. It’ll be like bringing huge Cheap Blinds all the way from Vietnam to Thailand. LOL!

Anyways, I’m excited and can’t wait for this trip. :)

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